Second Person Kerdean
Logres Tales
Pendragon LXXIX
Pendragon LXXX
The Volunteer
The Seer of Britain
Good Walking
Logres at Work
The Cavalry Cycle
The Class of '17
    Meditation in a Stable
    First Night in Barracks
    Horsecare Class
    Captain Fletcher Gives the Talk
    Dialogue: Agility Class
    Dialogue: Our Little Lacey
    Dialogue: At the Mirror
    Brief Dialogues:
      Sleep Like a Horse
      Healing Factor: the Downside
      Captain Horsepower
      'Tis the Season
      Not an Option
    Beer for My Horses
    Lecture Hall and Pub
    Dialogue: Night Archery
    Dialogue: Chevalin
    Dialogue: What's Owed
      Cold Yule
      Warm Yule
      Starry Yule
    If Wishes Were Horses
    Frank Discussion
    Former Pupil
    Last Day of Class
    Thirty Toes Short
    Tamer of Horses
    The Lion Host
    Booster Shot
The Class of '16
    Roland Vimont
    William Corliss
    Families and Time
    'Tis My Delight
    Bennet Darcy and William Donovan
    The Littlejohns
    Brief Dialogues:
      Pay Schedule
      Good Manners Cost Nothing
    The Monster at Night
The Future
    Looking Forward
Tales of the Dagda
The Good Day
Calpergate Fair
Oak and Rowan

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